Day 1299

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Up at 5 to clean and iron shirts and pants for next week, then to SF with Alice and Austin and on to Los Gatos to spend the day with Alice's cousin Elaine.  We took a 5-mile hike along a great trail that had a small working farm and plenty of wildlife (we saw at least 10 deer during our walk).  Afterward, we went to Gen Korean BBQ, a very popular new restaurant in San Jose that has 37 different items to choose from.  It's all you-can-eat and for $25 it we ate so much meat I might have negated my 10-day Health Eating of the past two weeks.  To make matters worse, we then went to Paris Baguette across the street and has a pastry and latte.  I felt I was about to explode I was so full.  We went back to Elaine's and watched Spotlight.  It was my second time viewing it and I found it just as satisfying as the first time.  So many good decisions in the film.  We watched about an hour's worth of Olympics, then headed home around 10:15.  I fell asleep around midnight after watching our Women's Beach Volleyball team win their first match of the Olympics.

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