Day 1321

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Up at 6 to help Alice and Austin pack for Austin's return to school at Saint Mary's.  Alice and I went to Devil's Teeth for breakfast sandwiches (no line at 7!).  We left the city at 9 and arrived at Austin's dorm around 9:45.  He has a spacious single on the fourth floor of his dorm.  It's nice.  We unloaded the car, then said our goodbyes and set off for a nursery Alice wanted to check out.  We hung out in Oakland for a few hours while I set up a new desktop.  My old one wasn't working anymore and it was time for an upgrade.  I got another HP with Windows 10.  I still have my two monitors which I love.  I cleaned the entire work area, then started assembling everything.  In an instant it was 2:40 and time to visit Alice's bike gang at Chester and Rose's new condo in Alameda.  We hung out for a few hours, then had dinner.  Alice's gang is a lot like my gang, life long friends who are so much fun to be with.

At Chester and Rose's condo in Alameda

On the Deck

Looking out at the geese

Alice Wu on the deck

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