Day 1046

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Racquetball in the morning, then work for three hours, then lunch with Neal Fowler and Karin Duval's daughter Kara and her boyfriend Eric.  They're sophomores at Indiana University in the music program.  Both are very talented, smart, inquisitive, imaginative, and amazing!  Kara is a mezzo-soprano and Eric is a tenor trombonist.  Eric had his first mocha today and Kara and I had our first Home Room experience. 

Mac & Cheese never tasted so good.  One reason Eric chose trombone as an orchestral instrument stems from rests.  He's a listener and realized early on that he had the best seat in the house (in the middle of the orchestra) to experience a Beethoven or Brahms symphony.  He also gets to end Brahms's 2nd in fanfare-for-the-common-man fashion.  I like that!

Judge Bason is in town until Sunday morning.  We hung out for a few hours before I left for Alice's.  We had an engaging discussion about world events, ISIS and what to do with them, and the continued fallout over that incredibly unfortunate and unnecessary war we got ourselves into back in 2003.  The Bush/Cheney's legacy sinks lower and lower with each passing day.  I don't blame Bush for staying inside painting pictures all day.  Worst decision ever since I've been alive.  Right up there with anyone who purchased WebVan stock back in 2000.

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