Day 1023

Monday, November 2, 2015

Racquetball from 5-7, then home to get ready for an interview with a recruiter for a manager position in San Francisco.  It was pouring rain earlier in the day, so along with wearing a suit and tie, I had my wool Eddie Bauer jacket with me that I haven't worn in years.  Taking BART was thoroughly unpleasant.  Each car had folks packed like sardines.  It's madness.  It was so hot inside the car I thought I was burning up.  Once in SF, I hung out at a Peet's on Kearney and Post.  It's been decades since I've been in San Francisco on a weekday morning.  I love the energy of the city.  It's funny how all these coffee shops have large communal tables for people to hang out and use their laptops.  Communal tables have been a thing for a while now, and I notice more and more of them in restaurants and places to hang out.  I met with my recruiter at 10 and she was high energy.  She wanted me to give a lot more detail in my resume, mentioning all the programs I've learned and all the various legal documents I've worked on.  She showed me an example of what she meant.  After my interview, I went home and revised my resume for two hours, then sent her what I had.  With that behind me, I took a one-hour nap that actually lasted two hours.  I think I'm still tired from Halloween.  The position the recruiter has in mind for me sounds good with enough flexibility for me to keep my job with Howard, which would be great.  After La Stravaganza is finished, I'll work around the clock to pay off bills and fill the coffers with cruise money, etc., and take what I've written and work with an editor to shape the portfolio into something an agent and editor might be interested in.  I also have lots of ideas for short stories and feel it's time to knock a few of those out.  It's going to be so busy this next year.

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