Day 1025

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Racquetball in the a.m., then work from 9-2.  After work, I prepared for a meeting with Sophie about a series of YouTube videos we're planning to create.  We met from 4-6:30 and brainstormed ideas.  Here are a few thoughts:

Then vs. Now - Sophie discusses how things are now and Michael contrasts that with how things were in the 70s. 

Learning how to… - Sophie asks Michael to manage her Instagram feed for an hour.  Chaos ensues.   

Learning how to… - Michael asks Sophie to compose a two-page handwritten letter to a friend, place in envelop with stamp and mail.  Sophie shakes her head in dismay.

5Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why) - Michael finds five things from the 70s that Sophie doesn’t recognize or know that everyone in Michael’s generation knows (i.e., who is the Fonz, what Tony Orlando and Dawn sang that was so huge they got their own TV variety show, where do you go to find a card catalog, etc.)  Score 1 point for each item Sophie doesn’t know.

5Ws - Sophie finds five things from today’s generation that Michael won’t recognize or understand that everyone in Sophie’s generation totally recognizes (i.e., what does IFLY mean, who is Bethany Mota, name any two albums by any artist that came out this year, etc).  Score 1 point for each item Michael doesn’t know. 

5Ws Reversal - Michael and Sophie choose five things from their generation that the other does know (i.e. Star Wars characters, the band who sang the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, who is Justin Bieber, what are emojis, etc).  Score 1 point for every item the other knows.

Randomness - discussions about random things, like how teenagers get any of their homework done with so many social media distractions in their life, who uses Pinterest and why, are books better than Kindles, what was life like as a teenager before computers, DVDs, the internet…basically, civilization as we know it!

R&R (Reviews & Reactions) - Michael screens five awesome comedians from the 70s for Sophie to review.  Sophie screens five contemporary beauty blogs for Michael to review.  Michael plays five awesome 70s songs for Sophie to review.  Sophie plays five popular music songs/videos for Michael to review.  Lots of possibilities here.

Special Guests:  Sophie and Michael welcome special guests, friends of Sophie & Michael’s, parents, teachers, Oakland’s mayor, business owners, etc. to their show to discuss similarities and differences between generations.

Field trips:  Sophie and Michael walk down Lakeshore and Grand Ave., hang out in cool Oakland venues, and maybe even visit retirement centers talking to folks from generations older than Michael’s (wow, that’s old!). 

Central theme, guiding principles:  Aside from capturing Sophie’s general outgoing coolness and Michael’s irreverent ridiculousness, our show emphasizes the general awesomeness of different generations and how amazing it is to compare, contrast, discuss and learn about everyone’s life experiences.  With our natural rapport and engaging personalities,  we can expand and enlighten today’s YouTube generation with insights about today’s generation gap that teens might find interesting, fun and worth watching. 

Sophie's an 8th grader.  My 8th grade feels like a completely different world.  We didn't even have VCRs when I was in 8th grade.  

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