Day 1038

Tuesday, November 18, 2015

Up at 5 a.m. and wrote until 4 p.m., revising chapter 4 and chapter 2.  I'll have to revise every chapter again and again until it's at a certain level, and then after folks read the draft, undoubtedly more revisions.  It never ends, but first things first...finish the first revision and get this thing in a readable state.

During breaks in the day, I read a great cover story in the Atlantic that came out in February called "What Isis Really Wants."  It was such a clear and haunting description of ISIS.  It reads like a stone age sci fi horror story.  Very scary stuff and also true.  Later in the evening after my E-Force demo, I watched a new Frontline documentary called "Isis in Afghanistan."  Also surreal.

From 5-9 I was at Active Sports for an E-Force demo with a couple of open players (Joe Blank and Joe Roth) from San Jose.  It was lots of fun playing with these amazing players.  

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