Day 1029

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wrote from 6-8 a.m., then got ready for the day.  Drove with Alice to Lafayette to get Austin the shots he needs for his upcoming midterm trip to China.  We dropped him off at St. Mary's, had lunch there, then headed back to the Sunset.  It rained in the morning but by the afternoon it was clear and sunny.  My fantasy team lost so I'm done for the season. 

I wrote in the afternoon and also replied to a letter from my crazy aunt Kathy, who wrote me a letter a few weeks ago from Centennial Hospital in Alberta.  She was not allowed any electronic devices of any kind, so she wrote me a letter.  We used to write many letters to each other in the 80s while I was in college.  I haven't written an actual letter in many years, but I have to say I really enjoyed writing this one.  Letters are so much more personal and substantial than emails.  At least they are to me.

My letter

Kathy's letter

We had a delicious chicken for dinner and I continued writing until 9.  I hit the hay by 9:30.

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