Day 1021

Saturday, October 31, 2015

I woke up at 6, wrote for an hour before going to the gym to play some racquetball and deliver a back pack to Xavier.  Afterward, I went to a shoe store and bought new black Rockports for 50% off (sweet!).

Came home, wrote another hour, then headed over to Richard and Lisa's for another Halloween extravaganza.  This year's theme, Victorian Seance, ended up being a mega-hit!

With Rossana

Sophie & Sidney

Most of the cast

Professor Nosense and the spirits

Our show stopper
Just got the cast photo from Richard. 

We went from 7-10.  I was exhausted afterward.  Every year I say I'm getting too old for this and every year Richard "pulls me back in!"  I can't believe we've been doing this 20 years.

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