Day 1562

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Racquetball this morning, though sore and groggy and not ready to get up...but I did.  Played well and worked through the soreness by not thinking about it.  Played longer than I needed to, and was out the gym door at 7:15.  Raced home, made my oatmeal, dressed, and reached SF and work by 8:20.  Had lunch with Alice at a Ramon restaurant at 101 California.  It was good, as was the cookie at Specialties.

Worked out some details on the wedding cruise, in particular the dining arrangements, which was helpful.  Came home, had dinner and watched a 45-minute ESPN episode of Gruden's QB Camp with Brett Favre, which I loved!  OMG, listening to Favre and Gruden talk offensive plays is like listening to a rich foreign language being spoken.  It was amazing!  Brett Favre was one of the most intense, enjoyable players ever to play the game, and listening to him and Gruden talk about plays from the past reminds me how ingrained these moments are in an athlete's life.  My dad can do the same thing about particular golf shots from years ago.  You can see how much fun Gruden is having with this 1st Round Hall-of-Famer, how much he's soaking in the camaraderie with such a respected peer.  Transformative episode in so many ways.  Whenever two tape rats talk shop, regardless of the subject matter, I'm listening.  Their play calls are music to my ears.

"I gotta do something that people go 'wow.'"
"Fox 2 X-Y Hook."
"South Right 7-2 Zebra Shallow Cross."


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