Day 1537

Saturday, April 2, 2017

Went to Costco, got gas, then bought meat, curtains, batteries, pizza and a hot dog.  I went to the library after noon and picked up a book on Syria called Burning Country. It's very detailed about the Syrian conflict and several personalities from throughout the country.  It gives a good overview of the situation.

The regime has been oppressive from the beginning.  Syria will be Obama's worst international blunder.  I think after reading this book that some kind of response should have occurred when Assad used sarin gas in the 2013 attack in a Damascus suburb.  The country is destroyed and I'm not sure how things will improve.  Assad is in power indefinitely.  Thanks to Russia and Iran, he's firmly in power and won the civil war.  Sad, because this guy is a monster.

Watched Bill Maher in the evening and went to bed soon after.  A quiet weekend, my favorite kind!

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