Day 1561

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Left Alice's at 7:20 and it was busy all day long.  I came home, had dinner, tried to do some chores but forget it. 

I was done, but not before watching 65 minutes of Louie CK.

Um....brilliant...funny as hell.  I've listened to comedians talk shop, and the key to so much of it is to say all the things you're not supposed to say and not only get away with it, but make people laugh.  This is Louis at his best.  This is amazing material.  AMAZING!  So wrong.  So funny.  I laughed throughout.  I love this guy.  I love how real he is.  I don't necessary love how disgusting he can be and obsessed with his own juices and fixations, but I sure admire his balls and chops and storytelling ability.  I haven't seen his show in a while and yearn for a season six. 

Nice job, Louis!  He's become a new kind of hero.

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