Day 926

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I spent the day with Alice in San Francisco, accompanying her to two doctor appointments, the first for her sore shoulder that has bothered her since January, and the second for the pain in her groin that shoots down to her leg, affecting her for over ten years.  The first doctor diagnosed her with a frozen shoulder and prescribed Advil and physical therapy.  We came home for a few hours until mid-afternoon for her second appointment at the same facility on California and Jordan.  The surgeon Alice met with reviewed her history and all the imaging she's gathered.  Alice wondered if she had a small hole, a hidden hernia, inside her muscle where fat had collected and pressed against a nerve. Her surgeon ordered a CT scan which Alice went for later that afternoon.  We were there until 5, then came home and relaxed the rest of the evening.  Poor Alice.  Her shoulder will take care of itself with proper physical therapy and time, but her groin issue is a mystery.       

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