Day 924

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Up at 6:30 and wrote until 8.  Alice and I went out for popovers at the Cliff House, then went to Safeway, then home by 9.  I wrote from 9-4, the took a break and relaxed with Alice until 5.  We went to dinner on Geary Street with Alice's family.  Very good.  We came home at 7 and I wrote another two hours.  I spent almost all day on No. 4...still!  I've revised this chapter a few times now and will most likely revise it again.  I think the book really gets going in 4.  1-3 are setup, 4 and 5 reposition the direction, and 6-12 go go go.  I really like working on this story but I can't wait to finish with it. 

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