Day 921

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Worked all day on Chapter 5, my Tumblr chapter in which Mindy shows readers what makes her such a powerhouse fangirl.  Of course, knowing nothing about Tumblr, I had to spend several hours lurking at some real-life Swiftie bloggers and I have to say, I'm real impressed with their mad (sick?) skills.  Yes, I'm now thoroughly versed on the entire Taylor/Nicki Minaj incident that occurred yesterday, or was it Tuesday.  Anyway, it was a massively huge situation in the life of all true Swifties that even brought man-stealer Camilla Bell into the fray.  Nicki sent a tweet bemoaning her MTV VMA snub, and Taylor thought the tweet was meant for her, and Taylor tweeted back "hey girl, I give you nothing but love, so why the hate?" and Nicki tweeted "why on earth do you think I'm talking about you," to which Catty Katy Perry chimed in, "isn't it ironic...don'tcha think?" to which Camilla Bell, who I actually know, thanks to some Swiftie research two weeks ago about a certain song of a certain actress who stole Taylor's Joe a couple of winters ago, yes even Camilla got into it with her "couldn't have said it better..."  Thank God Taylor showed the maturity, gracious wherewithal and deep-in-the-pocket class to tweet an apology earlier today to stop the madness and allow Swifties around the world a moment to reflect upon the true meaning of higher ground.

Oh, good lord I need to finish this novel soon before it swallows me whole!  Thankfully, Vivaldi has his own section in Chapter 5.  Can't wait for Chapter 6 and the real music to start. 

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