Day 1662

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Just me and Glenn this a.m. so three singles games which we split.  Dorian showed up but there was no fourth, so he left early.

Work was busy in the afternoon.  There was a reception before I left for the summer interns and I stayed a bit longer than I'd planned.

Came home, rushed dinner, then met Biff and Richard at the Youngs house and walked to the Grand Lake Theater, where we met Lisa to watch

.  Oh, it was good all right, really good in capturing a moment and the terror behind it.  Oscar noms will certainly be distributed from top to bottom may actually sweep as this is the kind of epic film-making the Academy enjoys.  It's different, sweeping, grand, and captures an actual event that positions Brits in a very heroic light.  Plus, Christopher Nolan is an unquestioned cinematic genius and he's due to be recognized.  It might as well be with this impressive film.

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