Day 1644

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Up at 6 and off to Brown Sugar restaurant with Alice at 6:30.  We met Neil and Rossana at 7:15 and had an enjoyable breakfast, catching up and talking about all things going on in our lives.  I was surprised to learn that Rossana and her new boyfriend David are no longer together.  I guess it just fizzled out, which is too bad because I know Rossana really liked him.  Neil is still with Karin, but I'm not sure how much longer it will last.  She has three young kids and sounds like a real handful.  Hmm.  Some stories never change, unfortunately.  Afterward, we picked up Jarilyn from her Arts camp at Oakland College for the Arts, then I was dropped out in Oakland for a few hours of chores, bills, organizing and stuff like that.  At 5, I gathered my things and headed off to SF for Bill and Vicky's annual family dinner at Crystal Jade.  It was a delicious meal as always.  By the end I was stuffed.  Good food and a great time.

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