Day 1533

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I FaceTimed Dad today for his 75th birthday.  He and Sue are in Las Vegas, staying at Bellagio. They're seeing Donnie and Marie tomorrow night.

I'm putting together ideas for a new book that combines many elements (where I work, Millennium Tower, Syria, 9/11, Blues, poverty, immigrants, childhood, etc.).  Where I work is an amazing place. There's so much construction going on and the Transbay terminal is going to be unbelievable. Someone said it's the most expensive bus terminal in human history.  I believe it.

I watched another two videos on Syria:  The Boy Who Started the Syrian War, and Death of Aleppo.

Both are gripping, tragic, and ultimately horrifying that this country has been reduced to rubble without any civilian support.  Syria will haunt our time for the next decade or two, maybe for the rest of my life.  There are many lessons to learn from this conflict, none of them uplifting.  Evil wins in the end.  I'm sure Obama wonders what he could have done differently.  Russia and Iran are why Asaad is still in power.

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