Day 1523

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kevin and Mike arrived in the Sunset district around 11:15 or so, taking the N Judah from their hotel on Powell.  I picked them up at the corner of Judah and 39th and drove them a few blocks to Alice's house.  We hung out for a few minutes, then got in the car and went to Irving St. for vegetarian Chinese food at Shangra-La.

It averaged 3-4 stars on Yelp and sounded like a vege institution among the Chinese vege crowd.  We ordered sweet & sour pork with fake pork, a goose appetizer with fake goose, an eggplant dish, tofu dish, and rice dish.  It was just okay.  I liked the eggplant dish best.  The s&s dish was all right but needed more fake pork.

We sat at the window and certainly ate enough food to keep us contained for a few hours.  Afterwards, Kevin was yearning for Arizmendi sweet sallies, so we went there on 9th between Irving and Judah while Alice waited in the car.  We ordered all kinds of pastries and scones, then headed to Andytown Coffee Roasters near Alice's on Lawton and 42nd for lattes and a mocha for me.  Once back at Alice's we feasted on our treats, took naps, and Kevin and I began our weekend cribbage battle.  It was nice to see lady luck on my side for once against Kevin, and all I can say was the crib games were about as satisfying as eating sweet sallies and drinking mochas.

After a few games and another power nap, Kevin, Mike and I took N Judah to Haight Street and walked upper Haight, something I hadn't done in years.

On the Haight

Passing a typical window posting along Irving St.

The highlight was the sock store we went into.  Kevin bought Alice a pair of ladybug socks that are so cute!  Alice loved them.

We walked back along Irving St. and met Alice at Yummy Yummy!, our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the neighborhood.  Kevin loved his vege spring rolls.  Yummy Yummy never disappoints.  After dinner, we came back to Alice's, cracked open one of our favorite wines...

...made brownies, and had enjoyed our drink and dessert while watching the latest Real Time with Bill Maher.  At 10 it was time for bed.  We'd eaten so much food and walked over 17k steps.  We'd talked about everything and thoroughly enjoyed the day!  And the best part of it all was we were about to do it all over again the next day!

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