Day 1516

Saturday, March 11, 2017

I woke up at 4 and left Alice’s at 5:30 for my long trip to LA.  I packed what I needed and even downloaded a novel on my phone from the library. It took a while to find something and I never really settled on anything to listen to.  I just picked something from an author who sounded familiar, Elizabeth Gilbert.  I didn't remember who she was or what era she lived in, but I listened to the first several chapters of her novel The Signature of All Things.  I was mesmerized.  What a book!  What a narrative voice! 

I asked Siri when she was born and it brought up her Wikipedia entry.  I noticed 1969 and Eat, Pray, Love.  I wasn't part of that craze a few years ago, but with the first five chapters of this novel I could tell she was a powerhouse writer, truly brilliant, as good as it gets.  Amazing. 

It made the trip really enjoyable. 

I arrived in LA around noon and met Gwen at the place she's staying on Beverly Glen Blvd.  It's an old mansion in a very nice neighborhood, very fancy, with big houses and a park across the street.  We went downtown for lunch at Uhr, then checked into our hotel in Century City, a Courtyard Marriott that was decent enough.  Gwen wanted to walk, so we headed to the mall across the street.  They're renovating the entire mall so there wasn't much to see.  I came back early and rested a bit while Gwen continued shopping, her guilty pleasure in life.  We met Arianne for dinner and went to the Overland Cafe a mile or so from her house. It was so nice catching up with Ari and talking wedding plans.  She and Conner are getting married December 30.  It was a lovely evening.

After we dropped Ari off, Gwen and I headed back to the hotel to watch a movie.  We got popcorn, red ropes and soda from the store across the street and found an old Orson Welles movie on Netflix that neither of us had seen, Compulsion.  It was just like old times downstairs at the West Alpine house in Bellingham, watching old movies late at night.  Really great day.  I wish I were hear just one day longer.  I leave tomorrow early.

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