Day 1524

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Woke up early and made a big dutch pancake in Alice's iron skillet for breakfast. It was an appropriate foundation for another full day of eating!

We left the Sunset around 10:30 for the East Bay.  We unloaded at my place, then headed for Starbuck's to refuel in preparation for our walk around Lake Merritt.  Kevin and I remembered running around the lake so many years ago.

Walking the entire lake at our age felt much longer and more difficult, but we managed.  On our return to Lakeshore, we ran into some familiar personalities!

Miles was working at the juice shop next to Lin Jia and was off around the same time we were headed to Homeroom for lunch, so I brought him with us to hang for an hour or so.  Miles is a star and his company is always such a delight.

Homeroom never disappoints.  Richard swung by to take Miles to a music store, so it was total boys time for a good 45 minutes or so.  Nice!

We went to Berkeley after lunch and walked the streets of Telegraph Ave.  It's still a bit bleak and angry on Telegraph.  Cafe Mediterraneum is closed and so is much of the old-Telegraph character of the street.  Moe's is still around, however, and Ameba and Rasputin's.  Kevin bought t-shirts for everyone.  We hung out for an hour, then headed back to Lakeshore.  Mike took a nap and Kevin and I played a few more games of crib.  Miles texted me saying he and his dad were back and late-afternoon hot toddies were being prepared, so we headed to Richard and Lisa's for an hour.  Oh boy, those hot toddies were tasty.

The evening ended with a visit to Star Pizza.  After two slices, we were done.  So good.  We came home at 10 and played one more game of cribbage for we all called it a night.  I was so tired but very satisfied at all the delicious food we ate and wonderful company I enjoyed.  We a wonderful weekend!

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