Day 1471

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jury duty today at Washington Street in Oakland.  A boring sounding case involving food and beverage permits.  Everyone was part of the jury pool and luckily I wasn't called up.  We broke for lunch, allowing me time to meet Murry at Wendel for an hour or so.  It was great catching up in downtown Oakland.  We ate at Pacific Coast Brewing, which was so good.  I had a yummy Shep's Pie and Murry had a salad.

Wendel's remodeling their offices and they look great.  It was great seeing a couple of folks who were there.  Saw Louise but missed Karen.  Maybe next time.

The jury came back at 2 and I was free to leave an hour or so later.  Nice!  I spotted at The Bookmark bookstore and bought a middle grade book that looked interesting.

Took Bus 26 home and tidied up a bit before dinner, then bed.

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