Day 1465

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Left Alice's in the a.m. taking N Judah to work, arriving at 8.  Work was fine the until 2 when everyone and needed stuff from me.  Mario's out all week so it's just me.  Busy!  Came home at 6 and spoke with mom and then Alice.  Alice had her post-surgery checkup with Dr. Chen and was told she couldn't fly this weekend to Seattle, so it's just me again to Bellingham.  It's too bad because the family will be there for Craig's memorial.  I guess FaceTime is better than nothing.  I called Southwest and Alaska Airlines to cancel Alice's flights.  Southwest gave me a travel credit and Alaska Airlines gave me the finger.  Here's the comment I sent Alaska Airlines:

"Alaska Airlines, your cancellation policy is absolutely ATROCIOUS when compared with Southwest Airlines.  I recently bought one-way tickets for me & Alice to Seattle using Southwest Airlines and one-way tickets back to Oakland using Alaska Airlines.  Alice now can't fly for medical reasons, so I canceled her tickets.  With Southwest, I was issued a travel credit good for 12 months. With Alaska, I was told I could only change/cancel a ticket 60 days before the flight by paying a $125 change fee (the ticket cost less than $125).  That's about as customer friendly as a mugging.  It's a total slap in the face and utterly hypocritical to your seemingly sweet, good-natured "customer friendly" image that you project to the world.  What a shock to discover you're just another greedy corporate company solely focused on the bottom line without any concern for your loyal customers who rarely if ever change or cancel flights.  Lesson learned.  I'm so surprised and disappointed in you, Alaska Airlines.  Your cancellation policy is pathetic.  Your image belies your true nature.  Shame on the executive genius who thought this policy was a good idea.  It’s not.  It’s actually a deal breaker."

I'm sure they'll do absolutely nothing, so I'll also send this on Facebook, Yelp, and other sites as needed.  I'm so done with corporate greed and policies that screw people.  FU AA!

Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines continues to soar in my books.  

Anyway, my travel arrangements for the weekend are made.  Time for bed and still so much to do.  Ugh! 

So, tomorrow begins the Insanity Empire and the collapse of American values and good taste.  Thanks a lot, swing states.  I hope you're so proud of your newly elected orange birther buffoon.  Way to undermine all sense of reason.  You own that mess and no whining from any of you who voted for that disgraceful headcase.  He's all yours. As for me, I want none of the endless drama freak show we're all about to endure.  None of it.  I'm so disgusted.  Like the insane Iraq War that was such an obvious unforced error well before 2003, I'll never get over his presence in that office.  Never.  The office is so lowered because of him, because of that outcome, because of those insane swing states thinking their lives will improve.  Ha!  Good luck with that.

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