Day 1466

Friday, January 20, 2017

It seems only fitting that today I was the mark in an elaborate attempted scam that was very strange, very real, but also clearly bogus.  I was walking back to work from the post office when a driver in a white Infiniti vehicle asked for directions to SFO.  I told him and pulled out my phone to make sure my directions were correct.  He was appreciative and asked if I liked Armani.  I said sure.  He said he was a buyer who had just been to a show.  He had all these coats from the event but was only allowed to take half of them.  He offered me two of them for free with his card.  He was from Milano, Italy.  I mentioned I'd been to Rome and Milan this past summer. He was very chatty and engaging.  He gave a big talk about world connections and the bonds we all have with each other.  Then he asked if I could do him a favor.  He had an issue with his Visa card and needed to buy an iphone 7 for his daughter.  He wanted to know if I could give him a couple of hundred dollars in exchange for the Armani coats.  I said no, I could not do that.  We went from directions to SFO to Armani coats to iPhone 7s and that's when everything just seemed weird to me, so I said I'd send him an email and not take the coats and have a nice day.  He got angry and asked for his card back, so I gave it to him and walked back to work.  I looked up scams clothing Armani iPhone and came up with this site:

Armani Scam

I was happy my instincts kicked in and I didn't take the bait, but it felt so real, so authentic.  The scammer was good and looked the part of a big designer buyer.  But the moment he asked for cash, it just made no sense.

Sort of like today and the fact that we now have a racist fascist in the Oval office.  It makes no sense.  Dark dark dark times ahead.  I wish it weren't so, but it's inevitable.  Brace yourself.

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