Day 1467

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Flew into Seattle bright and early...had a quick lunch with Sue, Mugs, Mary and their two kids Charlotte and Emerson.

Left at 3 and drove to Oxford Suites in Bellingham.  Went to Peggy and Gus's with Jill and Tom.  Kim and Chris Jr. and Auntie Karen and Janet also drove.  We met Leo & Louanne and Chris & Elizabeth there at the house.  It's a beautiful house with cedar throughout.  It's huge and overlooking the lake.  Really nice!

Meanwhile, in D.C., the Hough family was attending Matthew's engagement party.

Afterward, we hung out at the Oxford Suites lounge for a late-night glass of wine.  I missed Alice, who stayed home tending to her hip. I went to bed around 11.

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