Day 1437

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I woke up early, around 4, and had my Lyft driver pick me up at 5:05.  It was an easy drive to the airport.  I boarded my plane at 7 and met mom at the Phoenix airport at 9:30.  Our flight to Raleigh was slightly delayed, so we hung out at Starbuck's. 

Mom was in good spirits.  Once we were in the air, we played several games of cribbage (both of us had huge hands throughout the trip).  Jill met us in Raleigh.  A Christmas fantasy land awaited us in Vass, NC. 

We had delicious spaghetti Tom made for us and played games with Alex and Hayden until it was time for bed.  It's so nice being here at Jill's.

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