Day 1413

Monday, November 28, 2016

Had two very long conversations tonight, first with Gwen, then with Greg.  Gwen called around 8:30.  She was in a better place and wasn't so nuts, which was good.  We had a very frank, honest conversation.  By the end of our call, she was beginning to sound like the old Gwen.  She will always be fragile and vulnerable to things outside her control.  Her issues will always dominate her life.  30 minutes later, Greg called.  We had a good but difficult conversation.  He's the kind of guy who will always believe there's hope in his relationship with his wife, even though the evidence suggests otherwise, that things will stay the same.  He sounded very sad. He deserves happiness in his life, but I don't see it with Gwen.  I see the opposite, in fact.  Once Nicole, Mathew and Tristan stand behind him and his decision to move on, I think his future will be brighter, even though he doesn't see things that way right now.  I was up until 12:30, late for me.

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