Day 1431

Friday, December 16, 2016

Alice had her pre-hip surgery appointment this morning at 9, so we went to Starbuck's beforehand and hung out for an hour.  Her appointment was quick and easy, and we caught the bus downtown.  I was in by 10 and worked for 2 1/2 hours before attending our company Christmas party at Mezzanine between 5th and 6th Street.  It was a very enjoyable party with great food and a funny skit that the first year associates put together.  I left the city around 4, catching the early AC Transit bus, and came home to get ready for an evening and full day of Christmas wrapping, chores, etc.

Well, I only got to do a few hours of chores and Christmas wrapping.  At 9:15 p.m., Jill called informing me that mom's husband Craig had had a heart attack and died.  His health had deteriorated dramatically this year, but I certainly thought he had a few more years of life left.  Apparently not.  I spoke with mom a few minutes later, who was so upset and beside herself.  I needed to fly down the next day, so I called Southwest Airlines to see if I could change my Oakland-to-Raleigh flight that had a layover in Phoenix.  There was nothing they could do about the Phoenix-to-Raleigh connection because it was sold out and was unavailable to me, even though I had a seat on the flight that originated in Oakland.  So I bought a one-way ticket from American to Phoenix the next day.  I went to bed around 1.  My thoughts are with Craig and mom.  I was wondering when this day would come.  It's come tonight.  Damn!

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