Day 1418

Saturday, December 3, 2016

We got up early and completed out Global Entry application with an interview at the SFO office from 8-8:30.  We scheduled our interview last June and it took this long to complete the process.  I'm glad that's behind me.  Now we can use Global Entry and TSA Pre-check when traveling.  Afterward, we went out for breakfast at the Cypress Grill at the Harding Park Golf Course.  It was a very nice setting with good food.  Austin and I ordered the French toast and Alice had an omelet. We came home and took care of a few chores -- fixing the dishwasher, shopping for hot pot, baking bread, baking banana bread.  In the evening, we watched a Netflix documentary called Fanny's Last Supper, about chefs from America's Test Kitchen recreating a 12-course meal from Fanny Farmer's 19th famous cook book from a century ago.  It was very enjoyable.

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