Day 1424

Friday, December 9, 2016

From Alice's in the morning, we took N Judah to Embarcadero and began another Friday at work.  It rained.  During projects at work, I read this book:

And this book:

Two big books full of history.  My World War 1 book is particularly interesting.  I don't know much about the beginnings of World War 1, but that's changing.  Don the Con is very similar to Kaiser Wilhelm II.  Extremely similar.  Both seem to share the same personality disorder.  Both are/were incapable of self-reflection.  One month later, I'm still sickened by the result.  So I still can't watch the news.  The very thought nauseates me.  While President Chaos Creator acts like a child, other countries will figure out how to side-step the circus and conduct affairs elsewhere. Meanwhile, so many of the so-called Trump supporters, those with no money, will discover soon enough that there's absolutely nothing in it for them.  Suckers.  Watch and see.  For anyone who voted for that man, I have zero sympathy.  Anyway, history has recorded all the stories already.  We're merely repeating what has already happened many times over.  Oh, he will be a disaster.  Guaranteed. Just like his election that he somehow magically won.  I wonder what Hillary regrets most, her hubris at not visiting Wisconsin since April 2016 or her complete inability to own and minimize her lack of authenticity.  How on earth did she lose when he was such a disaster?  I'll never understand that one.  Oh well.  I think the thing that's most difficult to stomach is the acceptance of our complete and total unexceptionalism.  We've been brainwashed to believe America is incapable of having such a fool leader as Con.  Wrong.  Not only are we fully capable, we did it to ourselves.  Wait until the first crisis.  Those watching the news can have it.  I'll continue reading about events that happened a century ago.  Two centuries ago, Napoleon rampaged Europe.  God only knows what the third act has in store for us.  I am as far removed from optimistic as I've ever been.  I fear doom on the horizon and lots of it for this country.  Stupid swing states.  My contempt has run amuck.  

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