Day 1131

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another busy work day, followed by a few minutes of chores and emails.  My Bellingham gang is talking politics and the Bernie v. Hillary battle currently going on with the Democrats.  Here's  my response:

"Hillary, I love her, but she's not good at this.  She's not good at campaigning.  I mean, in 2008, she lost to a black man with a Muslim name.  Now she's losing to a 74-year-old Jewish Socialist.  I mean, Hillary, we're making this as easy as we can for you."  Bill Maher, Real Time

I love how Trump is channeling me when he talks about the Iraq War!

I also love how I seem to be channeling Jeff '08 when talking about Hillary in 2016.

And by channeling, I mean a strong desire to knock some sense into the Dems...

Listen, I love the Bern and all he stands for, but as our nominee in the general?  No.  No way.  You can't be serious, Dems!  The GOP will "bernihana" his socialist ass into ground round the minute Hillary loses. They will "Magic Bernie Bullet" his talking points into an affront of everything American and have a field day doing it.  They will have so much political ammunition at their disposal that it will make our current gun laws look quaint by comparison.  Bernie polls better?  That's like saying Clinton polled beautifully two years ago (or robot Rubio polled like a winner two weeks ago, before his disastrous New Hampshire debate)'s irrelevant!  Today's Bernie v. GOP poll is meaningless.  Dems, don't give the GOP an early Christmas present, because that's exactly what it would be, a gift from God herself and an opening that the GOP would exploit like nothing we've seen since 9/11 when they found their reason to wage war in Iraq.

I know we've had seven (going on eight) years of hopey-changey and in many cases it's been terrific and wonderful and we passed Obamacare and that was great, but we also let those thug banker CEOs off the hook and never really used the sledgehammer on the insufferable GOP the way we should have.

No.  No, no, no.  Can we please take a hopey-changey break (remember, I'm channeling Jeff '08) and recognize the blood-sport that American politics has become.  For the love of God, Dems, can we please nominate our headliner and not our warm-up act?

Guys!  There's nothing more the GOP can throw at Hillary that they haven't already uploaded onto Fox News ten times every hour.  She's a known quantity.  As Will so perfectly said, she's an international force to be reckoned with.  Is she perfect?  No.  Does she take friendly pictures with Henry War Criminal Kissinger?  Yes.  Is she as sincere, honorable, and filled with as much integrity as Bernie?  Probably not...okay, no.  But will she use the sledgehammer more effectively?  YES!  Of course she will!

The GOP dream come true is to run against Bernie.  Seriously...Dream.  Come.  True!

Hillary has been magnificent on the debate stage so far!  Bernie has been great too, especially on the rigged economy and 1%ers, but Hillary has been great on everything.  Every topic she nails.  She's got details.  She knows her stuff.  She's met everyone.  Bernie is not as articulate on foreign policy.  In fact, he sounds like a total newbie.  Hillary is the opposite of a newbie.  Hillary will destroy any GOP nominee put in front of her on the debate stage.  She will eat that nominee for breakfast.  I want to see that happen.  I want to see her eat Donald J. Trump on the debate stage.  Bernie won't eat anyone.  He's too nice.  He's too honorable.  He's too thoughtful for the blood-sport this arena has become.

I'm not into honor or thoughtfulness this year.  I'm into winning.  I'm into the Dems winning the White House and sticking it to a political party that has already imploded, that has as its front runner a reality show entertainer, followed by a very dangerous sociopath in second place, followed by an empty-suit robotic Manchurian Candidate in third.  I'm into Hillary, warts and all.

I love Bernie Sanders, but this Dem fantasy that he's a better nominee than Hillary scares the shit out of me.  He's not.  It isn't even close.  I will fully support whoever the Dems nominate, but if the Democratic party nominates Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton as their nominee, it will be the single greatest Democratic misstep in my lifetime.  It's the only way Trump wins.

Jeff '08, how am I doing?


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