Day 1122

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I was hoping to get up at 4:30, but instead crawled out of bed at 6.  I just couldn't get up...too tired...but still managed an hour or so of writing before work.  I worked in the morning and early afternoon, then came home and wrote another 3 hours or so.  I'm still writing chapter 10.  This has become an important chapter, and perhaps the low point for Mindy in the novel.  I'm about 2,000 words over what I'd like. It's about 7,800 words long and I don't want any chapter over 6k words.

I watched election returns after 5 and no real surprises with the winners, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  Hillary did a little worse than I was expecting and Marco Rubio really tanked compared to Iowa.  I'm glad.  Talk about an empty suit.  I find him scary and thoroughly unlikeable.  Jeb Bush caught a little life, and I think that can be traced to the debate before Iowa that Donald Trump stupidly skipped.  Without Trump on stage, Bush found his voice and had a good night.  He's logged in a few minor victories, including his third place finish in New Hampshire last night.  With his name recognition and endless resources, he might be in a while.  We'll see if he can actually win a state. Ted Cruz did not do all that well and had no bump from Iowa.  I hope his campaign implodes quickly...the sooner the better.  I was happy to see John Kasich do well in New Hampshire.  He's reasonable and "normal," unlike so many of the others.  I know he dumped all his resources into the Granite State, so we'll see if he has any second act in him.  Chris Christie will drop out soon.  His campaign generated zero traction, which is somewhat surprising, seeing as he was pretty good on all the debates and can be tough and clear (I'm glad he's done).

At 7 I went to see The Big Short with Biff and Rhonda.  The film did a great job of explaining a tough subject.  I loved reading Michael Lewis's book and thought the film version was so imaginative and smart.  It's certainly worthy of a Best Picture Oscar and timely as hell in depicting our corrupt economic system that the government isn't interested in fixing.  This film fuels Bernie's campaign.  Bernie has my heart, but my head is still with Hillary.  I wish she were better.  I wish she weren't so much like Tracy Flick.  I'm glad Bernie's doing so well, but in the general election, a Democrat must win.  A Hillary/Bernie ticket wouldn't be so bad, would it?

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