Day 1130

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Racquetball, work, then a late-afternoon movie at the Piedmont, Spotlight, which was fantastic.  I loved every minute of this gripping film and really didn't know the full extent of the Catholic child abuse case and how pervasive it is around the world.  The film estimates that 6% of priests are child molesters, but Howard, who's worked on many of theses cases for the church, estimates the number might be as high as 20%.  That's extraordinary, especially considering the purpose of the Catholic church and their position of power among the weakest of our society.  It's amazing to me how predators prey upon the vulnerable and the lengths they'll go to conceal their actual motives.  I'm amazed the Catholic church is still relevant today, considering its track record for cruelty and hypocrisy. 

Talked with Christ at 8 and Alice at 9:15, then went to bed.

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