Day 987

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Up at 6:50 to write.  I worked on the last scene in ch. 9, then showered and got ready for ping pong with Alice in S. San Francisco.  We played two hours and another 15 minutes of badminton.  We had Vietnamese for lunch, shared a grande latte, then got vegetables and came home.  My Fantasy team kicked some serious butt today (finally!), thumping Tom H. by 60 to capture my first game.  We watched 60 Minutes at 7 and had a very nice dinner.

I have an insanely busy week next week with work, finishing ch. 9, starting chps. 10-11, revising ch. 1 and thinking about my online approach to tumblr and Swifties and the positioning of this new story.  There's so much to do, lots of balls in the air.

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