Day 962

Wednesday, September 3, 2015

Racquetball in the a.m., work from 9-2, then ping pong at the center on San Pablo Avenue with Howard for 90 minutes.  Fun!

So I'm coming up on three months into La Stravaganza and I'm starting to get into chapter 8.  I'm right in the heart of Mindy's passionate love affair with a young, talented sociopath, her "Dear John" disaster that derails her for the rest of the book, or at least until her surprise encounter in chapter 12.  Nathaniel Welles, Nathaniel Orson Welles is a fun character to write about.  He's so unapologetically full of himself but also loaded with a lot of knowledge for a 17-year-old genius.  I find these characters really entertaining and fun to imagine.  He is serving such a nice role in this story.  I'll take out a lot of the Vivaldi details in chapters 4 and 5 and stick them here in 7 and 8. 

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