Day 982

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Slept in until 9:30 this morning, which I haven't done in weeks (months?).  I guess I needed it.  The demo last night at the Oakland Y must have worn me out.  Once I was up, I began work on chapter 9, which has a lot of stuff going on.  This novel is becoming more detailed and elaborate than I'd like, but my main character Mindy is so organized and detail-oriented that it's necessary to create a rich set of tools and options for her.  I wrote until 2, then had to take care of the re-stringing that didn't happen yesterday.  With a clear mind, I was able to troubleshoot what the problem was yesterday. The new black E-Force strings and more difficult to push through the racquet tubes than the clear strings, so I used a little oil to lubricate them and made sure the end of the string was snipped clean. That did the trick and I restrung two racquets before meeting with Chris at 8.  He liked the last chapter and offered some great suggestions.  I checked out a book on dating by Seventeen Magazing from the SF library that has some great tips for teen girls that'd I'd never think of on my own.  I have to say, I don't enjoy writing about the ups and downs of high school life compared to middle school or elementary school life, but I actually think this story is stronger than my children's books.  There's a lot of layers in this story that wouldn't be possible if the audience were younger.

Since writing a scene that features Bach's Chaconne, I've had it in my head for days.  I love this clip of Jascha Heifetz playing this piece toward the end of his career.

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