Day 975

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another full day of writing, working on the second half of no. 8 and reading over what I have.  Chris and I will talk tomorrow night after the debates.  Alice is back from her cruise and refreshed from her 3 days with Cecilia.  Dad and Sue were on the same ship, so Alice bumped into them last night at dinner.  It's a small world.

Chris sent me comments from two members of his writing group who read all of Harmony.  They gave me constructive, nuanced feedback that I found very helpful.  I can easily incorporate their ideas into the text.  Their best feedback focused on the use of conflict, in particular milking some of it and stretching it out over a longer span.  There's an entirely different layer of edits that occur once all the pieces are assembled and refined in a manuscript.  These edits have to do with pacing, setups, deleting lines that aren't needed, and aligning all the storylines into one tight package in the end.  Should take a few days to work their ideas in.  

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