Day 970

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Finally, a day to write and no work.  I was up at 4:45 to prep for a Twitter pitch fest geared to agents looking for new material.  I learned a new way to schedule tweets in advance and scheduled about 20 of them throughout the day.  No requests but it was fun and good practice for other Twitter-related events. 

I managed to write 5,000 words of chapter 8 and will organize everything this weekend.  I'd like to send it out next week and work on chapter 9 by Wednesday.  Only 30 days left until my 1,000 days of writing is done.  That was a fast 1,000 days.

At 4 I went to Albany and played ping pong with Howard.  We had some good rallies.  I don't have many offensive shots.  Instead, I'm sitting back playing defense, waiting for him to hit the ball too hard off the table.  Not a good way to play in the end. 

I came home at 6:30 and took care of a few things before heading off to bed at 10.

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