Day 955

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Racquetball and Insanity in the morning, home for breakfast, work from 9-2, then an hour of ping pong with Howard in Albany.  Came home at 5:15 and put another query together, edited a scene in chapter 7, talked to Alice, then watched Trump's entire Iowa press conference in which he kicked out the Univision reporter Jorge Ramos.  What makes Trump so dangerous is half of what he says is fantastic.  His exposure of special interests and all the money in campaigns is incredible.  He's very good at talking about such boring topics and making them meaningful.  His deportation plan, however, is right out of Nazi Germany.  If the country ever collapsed economically, a dangerous personality like Trump would have a legitimate chance at winning the presidency.  Jeb Bush can't compete with such a media master.  None of them can.  I'm not sure what stops him from getting the nomination.  In a way, the GOP totally deserves this rookie politician who makes so many mistakes but continues to rise in the polls.  The thing is he's getting better and better in press conferences and speeches.  He's actually a very shrewd, very cunning debater.  He's so much like my dad, a true narcissist who sees things in a very particular way, who can't help but project himself as the victim ("I'm not a bully; everyone else is the bully").  I never would have imagined Trump would do so well, but he is.  His campaign finance exposure is fascinating. 

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