Day 941

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Up at 4:00, drove back home, hit the gym at 5:05 and played one game with Ron, then 35 minutes of Insanity with Glenn.  That's three days of Insanity in-a-row.  Worked from 9-2, then visited El Cerrito, had a burger and played ping pong with Howard for 90 minutes.  He was great.  He has some difficult serves with wicked spins.  He's taking lessons from a ping pong master.  We had a lot of fun playing at the ping pong center just off San Pablo.  After ping pong, I came home, grabbed a bite to eat, then went to the club and watched Steve and Ramon play their league finals match.  Steve won 15-9, 15-11.  It was a great contest with some amazing gets by both players.  I honestly don't miss those finals matches anymore.  I really enjoyed cheering both players on. 

The Champ Steve and Finalist Ramon

Rod and Ramon

Steve and Rod

Steve, Rod and Ramon

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