Day 933

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I woke up at 5 and wrote for two hours before going back to sleep for an hour.  I spent the morning working on the first Allegro in No. 5, which had been a struggle.  This is my fangirling section where Mindy does her thing online.  Just reading what others post on Tumblr takes hours.  So much of it is such a tremendous time drain as a means of supplying data for the big online companies.  There's the connection and community value and posting pictures to share, which is certainly a wonderful thing, but it is also full of endless clips, pics, audio bits and articles that serve no real purpose other than to distract and suck time away from life.  The more I'm online, the less I like being online.

At 4, I wrapped things up and went to the gym to play a few games with Tracy from Livermore.  My singles games is nonexistent, which is fine I guess, but I will hit the Insanity next week to keep from going to pot physically.  The one thing about staying in the game is it keeps the razor sharp.  Right now, my racquetball razor is more like a Q-tip.

At 7 I went over to Summit Hospital to see Dorian, who is dealing with the early stages of prostate cancer and had needles inserted and seeds put in.  A few other racquetball guys were there.  I stayed until 8:30, then got a burrito and came home a little after 9.  I talked with Alice for 20 minutes, who just flew back from Mexico, then Face-Timed Chris for 30 minutes.  He leaves for Winnipeg with Elizabeth tomorrow.  I cleaned up and fell asleep at 10:30.

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