Day 1397

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Alice and I did things that made us happy today.  We went out for coffee and Arimendi, drove around the city, went to Costco, watched the first episode of The Crown, watched the first episode of season 3 of Black Mirror, watch an episode of Anthony Bourdan's Parts Unknown.  I spoke with Kevin, Jill, and Gwen today.  I read one or two articles but not many.  I'm still in absorption mode.  I'm still processing.  Everyone's willing to give Trump a chance and that's the right thing to do, but he is who he is.  He doesn't automatically change, and everything Obama did will be gone, or almost everything.  That's what winning entitles him to do.  We'll see the degree of his vindictiveness and we'll see what he's like when he's angry.  Talking with Jill was revealing.  She loathes Hillary Clinton.  The degree of hate for her knows no bounds to the pound that so many thousands, millions, voted for the boorish con clown.  I reread all the Michael Moore articles that predicted this outcome.  They were so much clearer than they were back in August when it didn't seem possible that Trump could single-handedly pull of this election...with the help of Scott Baio.

November 10, 2016

Life continues. 

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