Day 1393

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It ended up being such a painful day, but it started out so promising and fun.  I had coffee with Beth at the Starbuck's near my work and she showed me pictures on her Facebook page of all the Hillary voters taking their "nasty" picture.  It was cute.  Then the horror began after work when I turned on the TV at 6 before the Youngs and Alice arrived.  The numbers were much closer than I wanted them to be, and in many cases Trump was ahead in key swing states.  It was surreal.  I prepared food and got things ready as Lisa and the kids arrived.  Then Richard arrived.  Then Rossana.  Alice came a little later.  By 7 the numbers hadn't changed and by 8 it was clear that the nightmare scenario wasn't changing.  I wanted to leave.  I wanted to turn off the television and pretend the madness wasn't happening.  How could that con win?  How could America do this?  I wanted to go to Alice's and leave my guests here to watch the election returns.  I'd seen enough.  Instead, the Youngs left shortly after Florida and Wisconsin were called.  PA also appeared doomed.  Once the guests were gone, I turned off the TV.  I knew.  Alice knew.  I had a horrible night's sleep.  All that election coverage for this?  All those moments from June until now for this result?  It made no sense.  Are there really that many insane, incompetent voters in this country?  I get that people don't like Hillary, but this guy?  This con?  This disgrace?  Really?  America will pay for this one day.  It will pay dearly.  Now I can't watch the news anymore.  Ever.

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