Day 1389

Friday, November 4, 2016

Here's where things ended up on the AA league after last night's final session:

The quarter- and semi-finals are next Thursday night.  Ron plays T, Kirk plays Ramon, I play George, and Glenn plays Steve.  I think I have the easiest draw, but George has been getting better and stronger, and he's much quicker than I am.  We play a best of three match, after which I play the winner of Kirk/Ramon if I beat George.  That's a lot of racquetball for this old-school veteran, but I'd love to meet in the finals!  I'll need to practice next week, something I have little time for these days.

Alice and I went to the Westfield Mall next to Bloomingdales for lunch today.  That was nice!  After lunch, work was super busy.  I stayed until 5:30 and got home at 6:15.  I'm here tonight, catching up on everything, email, this, laundry, the works.

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