Day 1409

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Woke up at 6 to begin cooking.  My job was pies so I started with sweet potatoes as an ingredient for my pumpkin pies.  I made candied yams, using one cup per pie.  I bought pie crusts at Trader Joe's.  I got the pumpkin pie recipe from The Science of Good Cooking book, which I followed with fingers crossed that they'd turn out all right.

I finished baking around noon.  I also made a tray or two of appetizers, so I was set by the time Alice came over.  She brought shrimp that we boiled and put in a bowl, then drove over to Richard and Lisa's.

It was just the Young family minus Ari and me and Alice, small and wonderful.  Tray and Soph stayed in their pajamas all day.  We played games, had dinner, drank wine and cocktails, ate pumpkin pie which was pretty good (excellent recipe).  We called it a night at 10.  I cleaned up my place before heading to SF.  Traffic was thick crossing the Bay Bridge, but was smooth and easy once I reached Fell Street. What a festive, happy, fun-filled day!

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