Day 1390

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Make no mistake, Tuesday's general election is about repudiating the very worst of our fears and frustrations as portrayed by this cult of personality, Donald J. Trump. This demagogue's campaign is as American as a KGB detention cell or Siberian gulag. Mexicans and Muslims are this orange Hitler's gypsies and Jews. He is everything America is not. For the past 18 months, DJT has offered his diehard supporters nothing but fear, hate, and endless hyperbole masked as facts. That's what evil gene Machiavellian types do. This is beyond red versus blue. This is a vote against fascism. If you don't think so, you don't read enough history.

America stands for things. I hope on Tuesday we the people stand for a complete and total repudiation of Mussolini-style demagoguery, cult of personality, authoritarian rule and the insane idea that this thin-skinned, vindictive con-man can all by himself save us from doom. He cannot and will not, but if he's elected, he will absolutely deliver it, doom with a capital D, "this I can tell you."
I'm voting for Hillary on Tuesday, warts and all. My eyes are wide open to her frustrating equivocations, occasional bad judgment, and lack of candor, but she's a hard worker, does her homework, and believes in democracy and America's institutions.

But MORE than a vote for Hillary, I'm voting AGAINST fascism, demagoguery, racism, sexism, idiocy, buffoonery, lack of preparation, chaos, and cult of personality on Tuesday. That kind of ideological mentality might exist in North Korea or Russia (two police states that fully endorse Donald J. Trump), but such leadership has no place in the United States of America. I'm hopeful Americans will reject this utterly repelling candidate on Tuesday.

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