Day 1258

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Up at 5:15.  Chores, two loads of laundry, went to Banana Republic, Old Navy and Barnes & Noble, bought four shirts, two under athletic briefs for racquetball, mini night light for reading, came home, cleaned, met Bonnie for coffee at 4, then Lisa for dinner to watch Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley finale.  Facetimed Alice.  Bed by 10:30.  Today went fast.  Talking with Bonnie was good.  She's had a difficult couple of years with the passing of her sister and long-time clients who have either retired or passed on.  She also feels isolated and unable to keep up with the changing times.  She feels irrelevant and consumed by money pressures.  It's certainly a frame of mind.  I'm sure there are many others just like her in the neighborhood who are daunted by so much change and unclear how to do certain things that used to be done one way but are now done differently.  She has a faulty computer and isn't using it, which is a problem.  I'll help her shave some of the fat from her monthly expenses and maybe look into buying a new laptop.  They're so inexpensive these days.  She can get a really good one for a few hundred dollars. We talk next week before my trip to Phoenix.  

The Game of Thrones finale was all right, but I'm still thinking about last week's amazing episode.

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