Day 1257

Saturday, June 25, 2016

At home this weekend, cleaning, washing clothes, catching up with all the things that get left in the dust during a work week.  Watched a few episodes of Silicon Valley.  What an inspiring, funny show.  It's so on.  So solid. 

It's worth watching a second time.  So brilliant with great casting. 

Whenever I'm home and cleaning, I easily get sidetracked whenever I dust my bookshelf.  I'll pick up a book I have looked at in years and before I know it three hours have vanished.  That's the trouble with cleaning.  I should never start with the bookshelves. 

I shopped for groceries, called Kaiser to set up an appt. for Tuesday (spring cleaning for my health, after my hip issue).  Weather is perfect in Oakland.  No complaints about anything today.

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