Day 1248

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I worked out at the club from 5-6:45, then came home and worked on this blog, organizing and arranging pictures.  This took most of the day.  As I look over the pictures we took, I'm struck by the vividness those two weeks still are in my mind, how clear and aware I was in living each moment of our trip.  I think being in Europe heightens my awareness of life and short time on earth, perhaps because age and history surround the landscape.  We don't have a long and deep history here in California, which in a strange way limits my appreciation of the moment.

I continued organizing all the ticket stubs, maps, pamphlets and coins from the trip.  I'm lucky to have spent time on both the Regal and Royal Princess, two beautiful sister ships connecting travelers to the most exciting ports and cities in the world.  It's hard to say which cruise I liked more. If I had to do one over again, really, I'd have to choose both.  I want to go to Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, and Copenhagen again. 

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