Day 1247

Monday, June 13, 2016

After a fitful sleep, I had energy to finally get my pictures in order and blog about our trip.  It takes about 90 minutes per day to choose and arrange the photos and write a little something about each picture.  I'm now current with Game of Thrones and in the afternoon spent a couple of hours preparing for another revision of my Zombie Cookies novel, incorporating Elizabeth Law's ideas into the manuscript.  At 4 p.m. I cleaned for two hours, then got a large Star Pizza for Game 5 of Warriors/Cavs series.  Lisa came over at 6:35 and we watched a tight, dynamic first half, followed by an off second half for the Warriors.  Kyrie Irving and King James were both solid, amazing even, deserving of the props they're getting.  The Warriors just couldn't hit a bucket.  Back to Cleveland for game 6 Thursday.

After Lisa left, I tidied up, then went right to sleep. 

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