Day 1176

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A day of rest.  Alice and I slept in until 9.  Then I had breakfast, washed both our cars, pulled some weeds, then had lunch and watched an episode of Foyle's War with Alice, episode 3, season 1.

I also watched a new HBO documentary on the Iraq War.  I'd like to write a history of the second Iraq War for kids one day, part of my Bad Uncle's History of America series.  The Iraq War would be a good place to start.  My angle would be the intensive opposition to the war prior to our invasion.  Still to this day, I am shocked that such a horrible idea came to fruition.  It's truly one of the greatest unforced errors this country has ever made.  The domino effect has been been so demonically demonstrated than by those neocons intent on turning the Middle East into a democratic reflection of us.  A true disaster if ever there was one.  We broke that country and that region.

Almost through Vivaldi's Virgins.  Very good book.  I'm enjoying it.  Another long week begins tomorrow.

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